Close-up of a photographic lens Photography is mix of different styles ensuring all the details of your wedding, birthdays, or any kind of event will be covered from preparation, ceremony, and pictorial through reception.

High quality photos is essential for any effective event or digital marketing campaign. The sophisticated modern consumer expects to see what they are going to get, wear, taste and experience long before they will do so in person.



1.  A body of work is a COLLECTION of work – a body of work only works because all of the images relate and have a consistent theme. One off ‘accidents’ do not represent a body of work.


2. Accidents should be CONSCIOUS – there is a difference between purposeful and random accidents – and a random accident never comes from a place of strength.


3. Know your history – how to build on what those who have come before you have done. Studying what has come before you will give you a strong foundation for where you take your own work.


4. How a single image is just really a story – and how the components of the image (the subject, composition) work together to deliver a stronger message.


5. Details are critical – the importance of what is both left in and excluded from the frame, and how these details help to tell a stronger story, reinforcing the elements left in for the viewer.


6. Directing flow – how to move the eyes around the frame and how this helps tell a stronger story.


7. Background distractions – watching out for them and how it can interrupt the flow.


8. ‘Obvious’ images – why they tend to have less value or lasting impact than photographs that make your eye work harder.


Credits to David Geffin.