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Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera – $24/7 days


The Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Camera T Smart Adapter IV allows for post-2006 Canon lenses in both EF and EF-S mount to be attached to Sony NEX E mount cameras, including the FE mount a7 series. However, expect vignetting when combining EF-S mount lenses and APS-C crop cameras, as EF-S lenses are designed to project an image onto sensors measuring 22.3×14.9mm while NEX cameras measure at a slightly larger 23.5-15.6mm. For using EF-S lenses on full frame sensors, like those found in the a7 series, an “Auto APS-C Size Capture” feature can be used. This adapter maintains full electronic communication between the Canon lens and the NEX/a7 camera, including phase-detect AF support in the a7RII when shooting stills (contrast-detect support only for video capture). It also maintains the IS status of lenses. The wide internal barrel diameter accommodates tilt-shift lenses and is coated with a flocking material to prevent internal reflection when using such lenses. This adapter is equipped with a high performance 32-bit processor that is powered by the camera so no external power source is required for use. Auto magnify enlarges the image in the viewfinder for easier manual focusing when the Canon lens is set to MF position. This adapter is ideal for anybody with either an E mount camera who would like to explore EF mount lenses or vice versa.


  • Tripod Foot is Detachable and Compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo Cam Ball Heads
  • Retains Electronic Communication Between Lens and Camera
  • Supports Auto Aperture and Autofocus
  • Powered by Camera Body
  • Open Aperture Button for Manual Focus Lenses


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