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We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young and blooming startups.
Tony Beatty Founder, Desert Cinema
World Class Video Production
Desert Cinema is a video production company based in Southern Utah. Formed in 2012 by filmmakers and entrepreneurs Tony Beatty and Richard LeBaron, their passion is storytelling: creating compelling, creative videos that tell a story. People love stories, they are one of the most effective ways to get and keep attention, to help people to really contemplate an idea, and to help people see things from a new perspective. For this reason, storytelling is one of the most effective ways of marketing. Many businesses that have smaller marketing budgets might think they cannot afford quality video production, but due to technological advancements, that is no longer the case. To that end, Desert Cinema has designed an all digital, 4K workflow which allows for stunning image quality. Quality video production is now accessible to so many more businesses that anyone who doesn't have a video strategy is at a disadvantage. While a business might think they cannot afford a real video production crew and professional editing and graphics, they would be surprised that they don't need thousands and thousands of dollars to pull off a great, professional-looking spot.
01 Video Production We are a full-service video production company based in the Utah. We Believe to in raising industry standards and start new conversations.
02 Editing Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Our video editing follows structure and present all video information, including films and creative shots.
03 Photography Our photography services made up of professional photographers can add value to your website or event with high-resolution photos, corporate or event.
04 Equipment Rentals Your video Production gear is here. Rent video cameras, cine lenses, stabilizers, lighting, and more. Rent with low or no deposit, and realize your creative vision.
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Formed in 2012, Desert Cinema is a Southern Utah video production company that specializes in promotional video for commercial and social media marketing. Telling the story of business in an all 4K high-definition workflow with stunning image quality.

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They all are witnesses. If you or your organization have a story to tell, an idea to share or word to spread, Desert Cinema can help you bring it to life. They can assist with narrative exploration, director contacts and production strategies.
Lauren Steph Smith Entrepreneur